How to attract women better to the business world in the GCC?

Modern Arabic Business Woman
Modern Arabic Business Woman

March 09, 2021, Doha – All through the ages men have taken the role of providers to women and his family. The industrial revolution changed this perception. They now have important roles in communities such as leaders, business owners, and explorers. A modern woman is not anymore restricted to family duties and became an effective helping hand. Nonetheless, the perception of a woman in a work environment is still considered inferior to men.

We at Chimera Solutions believe that women are a vital part of our team. Technology had always been a driving force to empower women in the workplace.

What are the main factors to empower women in the business world?

Even though women are not always at the forefront in the Middle East, they did play a major role in building a strong GCC. But what are the main factors to empower these women in a predominant man’s world? Well, our answer to this question is Technology!

The advent of portable computers, smartphones and fast connectivity shaped the Gulf as an integral part of the world. Everyone, Men and Women alike, is not anymore bound by physical borders. Gulf countries are now more considered as a city of the World thanks to these advancements in technology. Some talk about having the first woman on the Moon yet we say that without women, men would have never laid a foot on the moon neither.

New paradigms and world shifts, drove new behavior. COVID Pandemic affecting relationships, Political turmoils influencing securities. New costs have come up and borders closed. This, in our opinion, jumpstarted a new era in the making; an openness era, an era filled with positive outcomes.

Technology and Communication are the drivers of this New Era.

Chimera Solutions provides the technology for you to thrive in your new era. Hospitality, Health, Education, Banking, Retail, are just some industries that count on us: Chimera Solutions the “Technology Provider”.

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