Bixolon Products In Qatar
A global manufacturer specializing in POS and Auto-ID print solutions on Mobile and Stationary devices.

BIXOLON PRODUCTS IN QATAR is dedicated to the development of customer relationships and printing technology, and regard this mission with delight and importance whilst vowing to maintain wholehearted efforts into the future.

For the ever-changing POS (point-of-sale) market, BIXOLON offers a wide range of 2 and 3 inch POS printers. Our multi-interface Thermal Printers and Dot-Matrix Printers are perfect for all receipt and ticketing applications.
They meet both Retail and Hospitality customer requirements. They provide superfast print speeds and excellent reliability. You may need to print receipts at a dining table or print a ticket for an event. Providing quick and reliable service will keep customers coming back. Providing great POS (point-of-sale) service also keeps customer traffic flowing. We offer intuitive printing solutions for every market.

Bixolon Products In Qatar Point-of-Sale, POS Printers
We offer a range that offers splash-resistant, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and thermal printing capabilities for your point of sale devices.

Bixolon Products In Qatar POS printing devices are compatible with all major operating systems. Whether you need Apple iOS™, Android™, Windows™ & Symbian™ our products offer easy setup with smart devices including tablet-based applications and Smart devices. Our products are easy to hold. They measure up to 3 inches to create more ease on the job at hand.

What are the features of a POS Printer?
Not only do these printers need to be fast and efficient, they also need to have be able to print specialist content such as images (for instance logos) and barcodes, for which you cannot have any defective print quality as it could be necessary for the customer to reference in the future.

POS printers are robust for all environments ideal for Retail, Hospitality and Banking. The paper capacity is excellent and easy to change for accommodating a large number of receipts.

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